Spanish Present Tense – Regular Verbs Worksheets


Worksheets for regular Spanish verbs in the simple present tense.

Actividades con verbos regulares en el presente de indicativo.


Worksheets to practice the correct conjugation of regular Spanish verbs in the simple present tense.

Due to the amount of vocabulary in these worksheets, they are not recommended for students just starting to learn the simple present tense in Spanish. These worksheets are recommended as reinforcement for Spanish 1 students who have already seen this topic or as a review for students just starting at Spanish 2 level. You may also want to use these worksheets as a test or an end of semester exam.

These worksheets contain a mix of regular -AR, -ER and -IR Spanish verbs. The worksheets have the following activities:

The correct verb ending: There are 15 sentences. Each sentence has a verb in which the root appears though students need to write the correct verb ending according to the subject it refers to.

Conjugate the given verb: There are 15 sentences where there is a gap instead of a verb. Students need to fill the gap by correctly conjugating the verb that appears in infinitive form at the end of that sentence.

Conjugate verb and give examples: There are nine sentences where the conjugated verb is missing. Students need to fill the gap by correctly conjugating the verb that appears in infinitive form. Students then need to use that same verb to create their own sentences. The first sentence (including the example sentence) have been done as an example for students. There are 3 pages of this activity.

Fill the gaps: There are 15 sentences where the verb is missing. There are no verbs as clues so students need to think which verb goes into the space according to the context of that sentence. Note that more than one verb may be possible in some of the sentences.

Create sentences / Order sentence: The top half of the worksheet has a box with verbs and other time expressions. Students need to create 5 sentences using the vocabulary in that box. The lower half of the worksheet has simple sentences that are jumbled. Students need to write the sentence in its correct order as well as conjugate the verb in its correct form (it appears in the infinitive).

Story gap fill: There is a one-page story with most of the verbs removed from it. Students need to correctly conjugate the verb in parenthesis that appears next to the space for that verb. This activity is good as a revision for Spanish 2 level students.

Teachers can decide the order of the pages and their activities. Answer sheets have also been included for teachers.

NOTE: These worksheets only use AFFIRMATIVE sentences. There are no negative sentences or questions.

NOTE: The vosotros conjugation is NOT used in any of the activities or questions.

The instructions and all content on these worksheets are 100% in Spanish.

CONTENT: This pack contains 16 Pages:

  • Spanish Present Tense – The correct verb ending – (1 page)
  • Spanish Present Tense – Conjugate the given verb – (1 page)
  • Spanish Present Tense – Conjugate verb and give examples – (3 pages)
  • Spanish Present Tense – Fill the gaps – (1 page)
  • Spanish Present Tense – Create sentences / Order sentence – (1 page)
  • Spanish Present Tense – Story gap fill – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (8 pages)

LEVEL: Elementary (CEFR – A2 Level) – Spanish 1+ (Spanish 2 revision)
AGE: 12+
Format: .PDF


Actividades para practicar la conjugación de verbos regulares en el presente del indicativo.

Hemos incluido las respuestas para los profesores.

NOTA: Estas actividades solo usan frases AFIRMATIVAS. No hay frases negativas ni tampoco preguntas.

NOTA: Para las actividades de completar los espacios de las frases (y con respuestas multiples), no usamos la conjugación de vosotros.

Las instrucciones y todo el contenido está  100% en español.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 16 páginas:

  • La terminación correcta – (1 página)
  • Conjugar el verbo – (1 página)
  • Conjugar el verbo y dar ejemplos – (3 páginas)
  • Completar los espacios – (1 página)
  • Crear oraciones / Ordenar la oración – (1 página)
  • Cuento – Completar los espacios – (1 página)
  • Respuestas para profesores – (8 páginas)

NIVEL: Elemental
EDAD: desde los 12 años
Formato: .PDF

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