Spanish Schools

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is being in a country where the language is spoken. If you take a Spanish course at a school in a Spanish-speaking country, you have the benefit of still being immersed in the language once you have left the classroom.

Here are some Spanish schools around the world:


  • Bariloche – The lakeside city that is the gateway to Patagonia
  • Buenos Aires – The vibrant capital of Argentina
  • Córdoba – Argentina’s second most important city
  • Mendoza – In the wine producing part of Argentina
  • Santa Fe – The Northern River City
  • Salta – The beautifully preserved colonial city


  • In Melbourne, Sydney and Perth



  • Bogotá – The capital of Colombia


  • Quito – The capital of Ecuador


  • Barcelona – The largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Madrid – The capital of Spain

These countries coming soon:

  • Costa Rica
  • Guatamala
  • Peru
  • Mexico

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