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Spanish Listening Practice - Native Spanish speakers

Spanish Listening Practice & Activities

New Spanish Listening Videos We have just started recording the audio for listening activities that will accompany some of our Woodward Spanish resources. These recordings will be published on our Woodward Spanish YouTube channel so that they are accessible to both teachers and students. All Spanish teachers, parents and students are welcome to use these […]

Diptongo e Hiato en español - Diphthong and Hiatus in Spanish

Diptongo e Hiato

I have just created a new page about Diptongo e Hiato. These are when Spanish words have two vowels together and how sometimes they are pronounced as one syllable (diptongo) or as a part of two individual syllables (hiato). In Chile this topic is seen by 3rd and 4th grade students during language classes (lenguaje). […]

Día de la Tierra - Vocabulario y Recursos para profesores

Día de la Tierra – Earth Day

Earth Day (el Día de la Tierra) is celebrated every year on April 22 to create awareness about the Earth’s natural environment. On this day, events are held around the world to show support for environmental protection and making our planet a better place to live. We have created a new page with vocabulary commonly […]

Back to School Spanish Ebook 2016 - Free Spanish Resources for Grades 6-12

Back To School Free Spanish eBook

It’s that time of year where teachers in the Northern Hemisphere are already thinking about heading back to school. Well, to help you out, 21 creative Spanish teachers on TpT have come up with a FREE eBook containing tips and resources to help you have a great start to the new school year. Spanish Back to […]

Saint Patrick's Day in Spanish - El Día de San Patricio

St. Patrick’s Day in Spanish

Today, the 17th of March, is Saint Patrick’s Day and how do you say Saint Patrick’s Day in Spanish? – El Día de San Patricio In honor of this Irish celebration we have created a new Spanish vocabulary page about St. Patrick’s Day. Once you have read through the explanation in Spanish about what this […]

Valentine's Day in Spanish - Día de San Valentín - Día de los Enamorados

Valentine’s Day in Spanish

February 14th, the “official” day of love, romance and friendship, is known as Valentine’s Day in English. But, do you know how to say Valentine’s Day in Spanish? Well, interestingly there is more than one name for this special day. You will hear this day called either Día de San Valentín, Día de los Enamorados […]

La Navidad - Vocabulario y Tradiciones - Spanish Christmas Vocabulary and Traditions - Woodward Spanish

Christmas in Spanish

  It is that time of year with the craziness of Christmas upon us. We have been busy creating many different resources for learning about Christmas in Spanish. We have our Spanish Vocabulary about Christmas with typical traditions associated with this date: Christmas Traditions and Vocabulary in Spanish (completely in Spanish) We have also created […]

Thanksgiving Day in Spanish - Día de Acción de Gracias

Thanksgiving Day in Spanish

It’s that time of year again… El Día de Acción de Gracias, Thanksgiving Day in Spanish, is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in United States. Did you know that it is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October? Since we have many Spanish teachers (and students) following us from both […]

Halloween Vocabulary in Spanish with Teacher Resources

Halloween in Spanish – Vocabulary and Stories

Halloween is coming up soon so we decided to create some pages and other material in Spanish about this date. We have a NEW page with vocabulary about Halloween in Spanish here: Vocabulario de Noche de Brujas – Halloween and there is also a Juego / Game to practice this vocabulary. Spanish Teacher Halloween Resources […]

Los animales invertebrados - clasificación

Los Animales Invertebrados

About 4 months ago we created a page with a chart and game about the Vertebrate Animals in Spanish. Well, now we have a new page, chart and game about Invertebrate Animals (Los animales invertebrados) These are great for school kids in a Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales) class. So here is the page with the […]